Dandelion Seeds on the Sea Breeze

I brushed past a few tufts of salt air hardened grass on the sandy coastal trail that twisted it’s way from the busier tourist fill beach. Red Rock Bay, further on, was normally much quieter given the walk to get there. It was also early evening but even so the sun still followed me precisely with it’s soft unforgiving patch of heat on my face carefully chilled by a little sea breeze. I reached the perfect spot. There was only a couple walking a dog along the waters edge and no more.

I stepped down from the remaining walkway onto the stretch of large pebbles that created a wall protecting the coast from winter storms. With the tide reclaiming the beach there would be little time to enjoy what was left of the sand. I hobbled my way down and left the borders of the pebbles. I dropped my bag and removed my trainers and felt the cool sand make its way between my toes. I’d finished my blog entry that Saturday afternoon but the header needed a new image and for some reason a replacement looking across the sea at the end of a hot day flew into my mind quicker than I could think about it. It wasn’t long before I was in the car and gently making my way along the motorway. There was more to it though and it was an excuse to take some time on my own as me.

I set the camera up and left it to take a walk to the waters edge with ten seconds to compose myself but at that moment the sea water came around my feet in small waves measured in nothing greater than centimeters. I didn’t even hear the camera click. After a few goes I felt a greater need to spend some time for myself and so packed the camera away. I walked along to the rocks that collect pools and sea creatures from the shore when the tides recede. I climbed, walking over the rough edges of rock barnacles beneath my feet, until I found a comfortable spot looking out to the horizon where the hills of England sit beyond the haze of greys.

I took a breath. The smell of ozone rich sea air filled my body, my head clearing. Everything suddenly made sense and all that mattered was that moment. I was who I was and enjoying the moment for what it was, the only thing that was missing were other people, the ones I love. My problems seemed to have been taken away by the breeze like seeds from a Dandelion. There would, no doubt, be moments where I would have solitary times like that day and may be next time I’ll take a book to read or something else to occupy my time while enjoying the breath-taking natural setting. I may not be able to feel this way each day but I am getting close.

I got home and looked at the photos, ready to crop for the blog. I thought for a moment how the red on my back and near by white skin had looked like I’d caught the sun and chuckled to myself. Later than night I took a shower and caught a glimpse of my back in the mirror; tattooed with sun bleached strap marks from my beachy vest top. Whoops.

Until next time.


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