I opened my eye this morning to Christmas Eve and the sound of rain lashing against the window. I really did want to go for a run to clear my head despite the enticing tray of tea and toast in bed with Nutella and marmalade; on separate slices of course. By eleven though the sun broke through the clouds and sliced in through the gap of the dark curtains with a promise of at least a two hour break from the rain. I flipped back and forth as to whether I would go or not but it was unlikely I would run Christmas Day or Boxing Day and I really want to make an effort to keep up my exercise. I grabbed my three-quarter-lengths and decided that despite the sun shedding it’s winter pale that I would also wear my waterproof running hoodie. Earlier in the week I got soaked mid-run and as elating as that was I didn’t want to get wet for a second time.

There was a short shower of fine rain that was refreshing on my face and a bridge half-way provided a two minute breather from both the run and the rain. As I started on my second leg of the run along a countryside road lined with typical British recently trimmed hedgerow the sun broke from what little cloud was left in the depths of the blue sky. It’s low winter light caught the still wet tarmac strobe bright in a pleasant blinding to the road ahead. Little flicks of water sprayed my calfs from my trainers as the road rose uphill.

At the top of the hill the road surface was almost dry as the strong refreshing breeze blew across a break in the hedgerow that leads to a gentle long concaved field. I don’t know if it was the salt in my sweat on my upper lip but the wind smelt of the seaside. The breeze and my run swung my ponytail back and forth producing the sound of tinsel in my head. It was like Christmas Eve itself had decided to give me an early Christmas present and allow the sun out for a bit. Just half an hour after returning home and finishing some cool down stretches on the decking the clouds returned with heavy hail and the promise of a grey afternoon; but you never know.

Until next time.


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