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Happy new year, everyone!

31st December 2020

Great place to find gender identity blogs, https://t-central.blogspot.com

24th September 2020


Evening writing time..  20th September 2020

Coming today, 31st December 2019 – New Year’s Eve Special.

Blog publishing is moving back to the weekend. Next post coming this Friday, 29th Nov.

It’s that time of the week, proof reading to do.

Tapping out words next to a cuppa.

747 words and rising. Nearly there.

Fabulous new check slim leg trousers; bought!

Something in draft for this week.

Rearranged my spare time to be able to continue writing the blog.

Attended my 3rd GIC appointment. It’s a long way to travel for an appointment but if there is one thing to spend your time and money on is health.

Coming this week. A five year anniversary special of Hannah’s Thinking Again.
March 2019.

Rapidly approaching the 5th anniversary of Hannah’s Thinking Again this March.
Feb 2019.

Coming soon – New Years Special.
Dec 2018

Coming soon – Hannah’s Thinking Again, a Christmas Special.

Local GP is incredibly supportive, almost an ‘enabler’. May be he’s read the blog and wants a staring role?
20th July 2017

♡ Hannah’s Thinking Again reaches 100 blogs.
1st June 2017 ♡

Sitting in the sun considering my creative writing future.
22nd May 2017

Thinking about the next blog entry. Beautiful break in this rainy week.

Finding comfort and refuge from the rain in a cafe. Hugging a hot chocolate.

Another Saturday morning run event. Euphoric.

Watching the weather change during lunch. Thick humidity meets cool air.

Finish up this weeks blog and a half glass of red.

Sat in the hot sun writing the next blog entry. More of this please.

New Year’s Eve Special extended edition now published;
Cropped Socks and the Orange Solitude

New Year’s Eve Special coming soon.

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